Photographed in and belonging to the public, LuisRoca.org was created to share my passion for exploring cities, their neighborhoods, people and culture with you. Therefore all of my photographs on this site are distributed to you under a liberal use license. You are encouraged to download, print or share any and all of the photographs here with the simple caveat of including an attribution to the original photographer (that would be me, Luis Roca). Please engage and discuss about the work with myself or whoever you wish in an open forum. My hope is that these works inspire a healthy, public curiosity to continue looking at these places, their neighborhoods and people with an explorer's passion.

Luis began his career as a graphic designer, then art director for MTV Networks (Now simply Viacom). Over seven years, his work included large internal web applications to infographics for the channel upfronts. He's been involved in creative startups before becoming a full time freelancer to service clients one on one in entertainment and fashion. The barrios of his youth, recent moves and current travels now inspire his ongoing work as a life & landscape photographer.

Luis is a graduate with honors from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. To this day, he still regards his time in art school as one of the most personally fulfilling and exciting experiences of his life. It was that experience that cemented his love for cities of all sizes.

When he's not exploring neighborhoods with his camera, Luis can be found training for races along city streets, rivers and beaches.